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Mueller chimed in with his advice during a discussion on Twitter about Googles two-pass indexing system. When Google crawls and indexes content it does two passes. The first pass looks at HTML only. Then, sometime later, itll do a second pass looking at the whole site. Mueller says there is no fixed timeframe between the first and second pass. In some cases it can happen quickly, in other cases it can take a matter of days or weeks. Yeah, page 1 of google there's no fixed timeframe the rendering can happen fairly quickly in some cases, but usually it's on the order of days to a few weeks even. If your site produces new / updated content frequently & you want it indexed quickly, you need that content in the HTML. John (@JohnMu) September 13, 2018 This is a big deal when it comes to SEO for web pages that use a heavy amount of client-side JavaScript for rendering. Some details might get missed during the first pass of a JavaScript-heavy web page, meaning it will not get indexed in its entirety until the second pass.

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